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December 4, 2011 in Uncategorized by KrclAdmin MusicMeetsMovies_Logo-01-720x451

Join KRCL for a special double screening of “Beastie Boys: Awesome, I Shot That.”  The Beastie Boys let their fans do the shooting as they take the stage of Madison Square Garden for the final date of their “Challah at Your Boy” tour in a concert video that truly puts the viewer right in the middle of all the action. With a mix of fifty DV and Hi-8 cameras distributed to shutter-bug fans and little more instruction than to keep the tapes rolling, director Nathaniel Hornblower and supervising editor Neal Usatin skillfully edit the resulting amateur footage into a kaleidoscopic, rough-edged take on the typically slick, professionally shot concert video.

Thursday December 12th at 7pm & 9pm
Tickets cost $7.00 per person, or buy one admit one free w/ KRCL Members Card.
Tickets will go on-sale at 6PM.

We hope to see you there!

click here to see the trailer