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Marriage Equality Comes to Utah

December 28, 2013 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

Judge Robert Shelby has declared that Utah’s Amendment 3 is unconstitutional because it denies same-sex couples due process under the 14th Amendment.  This historic decision created a marriage rush to county courthouses all over the state.   Last Monday Troy welcomed newlywed couples to share their experiences, as well as LGBT activist Dustin Lance Black and Restore Our Humanity founder Mark Lawrence.  The following RadioActive features edited segments from those conversations.  To follow the Amendment 3 trial visit Restore Our Humanity.



Dustin Lance Black on Utah’s Historic Day

December 23, 2013 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin

by Troy Williams

It’s official.  Judge Shelby has ruled there will be no stay of new Utah same-sex marriages.   Troy welcomed the Oscar winning screenwriter of Milk, Dustin Lance Black, to reflect on the significance of this historic decision and what’s next for the LGBT equality movement.




Holiday Strategies for Surviving Family

December 20, 2013 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

Holidays are a time of celebration, joy and biting one’s tongue? Nick welcomes Lynne Whitesides and Matthew Landis to discuss strategies for surviving awkward holiday family gatherings.  When Uncle John compares Obama to Hitler and aunty Lou wants to know why you haven’t been to Church in a year, how do you respond? Can we build strong relationships with our family if we sharply disagree on issues as contentious as politics and religion?











Hidden History of Utah

December 16, 2013 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

When we think of early Utah we often remember the tales of heroic Mormon pioneers and the arrival of the transcontinental railroad.  But historian Eileen Hallet Stone sees another aspect of Utah’s past. They are the tales of Utah prostitutes, Chinese and Greek immigrants, freed slaves, suffragettes and Gentile merchants.  These are the voices and lives of Utah’s forgotten histories.  Stone restores these Utahns to our collective consciousness  in her Living History column in the Salt Lake Tribune.  These stories are collected in her new book, Hidden History of Utah.




History of Utah Punk

December 16, 2013 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

Punk rock has always rebelled against an American culture of excess materialism and rogue capitalism.  And right here in conservative Utah, the 80′s punk scene had a well deserved reputation of defiantly kicking ass.  Tamrika welcomes the legendary Aldine Strychnine and Brad Collins to reflect on the history of punk rock in Salt Lake City.  Is punk rock dead?  These guys yell, “NO!”.




Count My Vote

December 4, 2013 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

Troy Williams

Politics in Utah often border on the extreme.  Many argue that the neighborhood caucus system has been manipulated by extremists and party insiders to insure that the most ideologically driven candidate gets nominated at our convention.  It’s an unusual system that is unique to our state.  Count My Vote is hoping to change all that by infusing more democracy into how we select candidates. Taylor Morgan, the Executive Director of CMV  joins host Nick Burns to share his vision of a more engaged Utah electorate.



Happy 34th Birthday KRCL

December 3, 2013 in KRCL Music Blog by KrclAdmin pete-seeger

by Troy Williams

Thirty-four years ago today (December 3rd)  KRCL began broadcasting in downtown Salt Lake City.  We’ve been going strong every since. Ebay sat down with station co-founder Stephen Holbrook to reflect on the origins of the station and why he chose Pete Seeger’s performance of “We Shall Overcome” as our first song.  Have a listen.