Album of the Day 01.23.14: Easy Rider

In celebration of Sundance, this week’s Album of the Day features some of our favorite movie soundtracks.

In 1969 we hit the road with Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson inĀ Easy Rider, a story about two bikers who travel across the south. A landmark counterculture film that seemed to capture the national imagination, exploring the societal landscape, issues and tensions in the US during the 60′s, including the hippie movement, drug use and the communal, freewheeler lifestyle.

The soundtrack to the film features songs that were selected to form a musical commentary through the film, featuring tracks by Steppenwolf, Roger McGuinn and Jimi Hendrix. The soundtrack peaked at #6 on the Billboard album charts in Sept. 1969 and was certified gold in Jan. 1970. In 2004 a Deluxe Edition was issued featuring a re-release of the original 1969 soundtrack and a disc two called Something in the Air: 1967-1969, featuring The Who, The Youngbloods, Jefferson Airplane and more.

Get your motor running’ with Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild”.


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