Album of the Day – 02.28.14: Beggars Banquet

Today we celebrate the life of Brian Jones. Although Jones might not ring a bell to many, to those who know, know that he was the original founder of The Rolling Stones. Before Mick and Keith, there was Brian, who was described as very instrumental in pushing the band through their first few years together. His main instruments for The Stones included the harmonica, guitar and the keys.

 As the story goes, Jones placed an ad in the Jazz News, a Soho club information sheet. The advertisement stated he was looking for members to join an R&B group, which Mick Jagger responded to. He later began bringing his childhood friend, Keith Richards to rehearsals and he started playing guitar with them.

Jones originally named the group, “The Rollin’ Stones” in a panic one night while setting up one of their first gigs. The group played their first show together on July 12, 1962. However, as the band gained success and notoriety, Jones began to distance himself from the group, eventually leading to his departure from the group in 1969. A month after leaving The Rolling Stones, Jones was found dead in his pool at the age of 27. Happy Birthday Brian Jones! RIP.

VARIOUS - 1964


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