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RadioActive: State of play with Utah Film Commissioner Virginia Pearce

January 13, 2015 in RadioActive by Lara Jones RadioActive_336x280

Radioactive host Nick Burns talks about the state of the film industry in Utah, where the state has a nearly $7 million incentive fund to lure productions to the Beehive State. Utah Film Commissioner Virginia Pearce talks with Nick about how incentives are allocated, the YouTube generation, and ways to foster a thriving film industry in Zion.

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Willy the Plumber scholarships fund college dreams of inmates’ children

January 5, 2015 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

RadioActive host Nick Burns talks with Karl Winsness about his “Willy the Plumber” college scholarship program for the children of incarcerated individuals. Winsness created it after doing time and seeing how his choices limited those of his own children. Since starting the program two years ago, he’s helped eight teens with their higher education goals. Joining Nick and Karl is Mariah Williamson, one of his first scholarship recipients. (Producer: Shannalee Otanez.)

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Transgender Lives in Utah

October 3, 2014 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

Transgender Utahns are stepping up, coming out and sharing their lives. Nick welcomes Owen Smith and Sara Jade Woodhouse from Equality Utah and Gabriel Glissmeyer from the Utah Pride Center to discuss their experiences as transgender Americans.  We’ll explore the dangers of violence, the intersections between race and gender identity as well as barriers to access of public spaces, government institutions and even voting.


Free Speech vs. Hate Speech

September 22, 2014 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

Is merely threatening to kill a person a crime?  A recent 10th Circuit ruling over turned a district court ruling that Aaron Michael Heineman’s violent poetry directed toward local professors was a protected form of speech. Nick welcomes attorney Eric Benson from Ray Quinney and Nebeker and Marissa Lang from the Salt Lake Tribune to discuss this bizarre case and the larger question; does the First Amendment protect violent hate speech?

Women in the Utah Economy

September 8, 2014 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

Utah has one of the largest gender wage gaps in the nation. On average, women make 30 percent less than their male counterparts. To address this disparity, the Utah Legislature has authorized the Women in the Economy Commission, comprised of elected officials, academics and business leaders. Nick welcomes Commission co-chairs, outgoing House Speaker Becky Lockhart and outgoing House minority leader Rep. Jen Seelig.  They discuss challenges and solutions to closing the wage gap and providing opportunity for all Utahns.


Beavers: Nature’s Engineer

August 4, 2014 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

What impact do beavers have on our lands, rivers and streams? Nick welcomes Joe Wheaton from Utah State University to rethink the role of the beaver in America. Though many consider beavers a troublesome nuisance, Wheaton argues that they  play a pivotal role in our ecosystem, restoring damaged lands, rivers and streams.


Pay to Play: The Case Against Shurtleff and Swallow

July 18, 2014 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Nick Burns,

Two former attorney generals, 23 felony counts and the largest political scandal in Utah history. Nick Burns welcomes Salt Lake Tribune investigative reporters Robert Gehrke and Tom Harvey to unpack the history and the charges . At the heart of the scandal is a “pay to play” culture that allegedly included bribes, gifts, and the exchange of campaign contributions for special consideration. Both Swallow and Shurtleff maintain their innocence.


Dig, Baby, Dig: The Debate over Utah Tar Sands

July 14, 2014 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

What the heck is Tar/Oil Sands? Some see it as a  sensible fuel option, others an environmental disaster waiting to happen. Nick Burns hosts a debate between Cody Stewart, energy adviser for the Utah Department of Energy and Rob Deluc, staff attorney from Western Resources Advocates. The two spar over the proposed mining of PR Springs by US Oil Sands, which will be the first Tar Sands mining in the United States. We discuss the potential impact on wildlife habitat, drinking water, and the feasibility of post-mining land reclamation.


The Hobby Lobby Fallout

July 7, 2014 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

My rights versus yours. In the landmark Hobby Lobby case, the Supreme Court of the United States has now ruled that your employer’s deeply held religious beliefs can limit your access to birth-control. What happens when religious liberty collides with a woman’s liberty to control her reproductive health? And how might the Hobby Lobby decision have an adverse impact on LGBT liberty? To discuss these questions, Nick Burns welcomes back Heather Stringfellow from Planned Parenthood of Utah and Maryann Martindale from the Alliance for a Better Utah.


Expanding Medicaid in Utah

June 16, 2014 in RadioActive by KrclAdmin RadioActive_336x280

by Troy Williams

The State of Utah has yet to decide if it will accept millions of federal tax dollars to expand Medicaid to benefit low-income Utahns. What’s the hold up? Nick Burns welcomes Richard Snelgrove (R) and Sam Granato (D) from the Salt Lake County Council to discuss their efforts to bring our tax money home.