Damian Marley will be out on the road this summer in support of his upcoming album, Stony Hill. Check him out LIVE September 22nd at The Depot!

Elfwyn's Saga

Inspired by Viking lore, Elfwyn’s Saga presents an enthralling tale of magic, greed, and heroism. During the early settlement of Iceland, a girl named Elfwyn is born blind after a curse is placed on her family. Guided and protected by the mysterious Hidden Folk, she learns to rely on other senses to perceive the world around her. When a rival Viking clan uses a treacherous magic crystal to sow the seeds of discord among her family, Elfwyn’s gift of clear perception is all that stands between her community and its self-annihilation. An imaginative musical score and hundreds of dazzling costumes help the young dancers of the Children’s Dance Theatre bring this spectacular story to the stage. The show lasts about an hour.

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Vagabon with Nnamdi Ogbonnaya

Opening Reception: Carol Sogard & Anna Betbeze

Join UMOCA on September 22 from 7-9 p.m. for the opening of two new exhibitions, Carol Sogard’s 'Artifacts for the 23rd Century', and Anna Betbeze’s 'Dark Sun'. These exhibitions will run from September 22 to January 14. Carol Sogard’s ‘Artifacts for the 23rd Century’ draws attention to the inordinate amount of plastic we consume daily. Through creative reconstruction of these single-use disposable materials, the works explore the use of plastic as product rather than simply a byproduct of our daily habit of consumption. The plastic grocery bag is a common side effect of consumerism. It lacks value beyond its limited use. Sogard’s process of collecting and reusing reclaimed bags and then manipulating their form and context reveals their tactile qualities rather than reaffirming their intended function. In doing so, she challenges the viewer to question the original intent and necessity of the bags and how their lifestyles contribute to the issue. To learn more about Sogard and her work, visit Anna Betbeze’s ‘Dark Sun’ uses fire, water, acids and colorful industrial-strength dyes to create large-scale abstract paintings on wool rugs. With vivid hues and battered sculptural surfaces, Betbeze’s works are layered and visceral. She describes this experience as “when seeing becomes breathing, stroking, tasting, and sound—often simultaneously.” By using natural processes, Betbeze’s work is a collaboration with nature—one where she establishes a starting point but accepts that eventually things will end up out of her control. By exploring the dichotomies of abjection/beauty, abandonment/care and destruction/creation, each hide-like painting gives the viewer a sense that they were found in their decayed but colorful state rather than made, allowing them to fluctuate anachronistically between historical and contemporary. Dark Sun also includes a new series of works on paper. Betbeze uses saturated pigments, staining, and layered media to make images that are just out of reach to the viewer. Like the recent eclipse where the moon negated the sun, providing a moment of darkness and reflection on our relationship to light, Betbeze's paintings are born from a simulate negation. Using destruction as a force for creation, what remains are works that can be sensed as well as seen.

The Classical Greek Theatre Festival Presents Ion By Euripides

Infidelity, betrayal, and a chase to the death. At the end of her child-bearing years, the Athenian Creusa seeks an answer as to why she is unable to bear children with her husband Xuthus. In her quest for answers, she finds herself at the temple of Apollo where she meets and converses with a stranger. What she discovers about this stranger will change the rest of her life. Often considered one of the most beautifully written play by Euripides, the Classical Greek Theatre Festival and Westminster College are proud to continue the tradition of keeping Greek theatre alive in Utah for more than 30 years.

This performance will be held in the outdoor amphitheater and will include wine and beer sales, a brief pre-show lecture, and a post event meet and greet reception with the cast.

$18 GA/$9 Students

Tickets may be purchased at or at the gate.

Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theatre

Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theatre hits the historic Egyptian Theatre stage September 22nd-October 8th. A ghoulish dance of monsters and maniacs, creeps and clowns. It is mystifying, mesmerizing, and morbid. An annual tradition and always a sell-out! Lowest Prices offered for the first Sunday and all Wednesdays & Thursdays. Recommended for ages 12+ - some children may find too scary. TICKETS: First Sunday and all Wednesday & Thursdays: Front-of-House: $34. House Adult: $28 / Youth (12 & under) $23 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: Front-of-House: $40. House Adult: $34 / Youth (12 & under) $28 Tickets purchased at the Door 30 minutes before showtime are $5 more Reserve tickets at or 435-649-9371.

Always... Patsy Cline

Based on the true story of Patsy Cline’s friendship with Houston housewife Louise Seger, this musical biography follows the relationship between the two women in the aftermath of Cline’s tragic death. Through the combination of humor, sadness, and reality, fans who remember Cline are offered a chance to look back, while new fans are given an impression of what she meant to so many.

ZAKK SABBATH With Special Guest Them Evils

God's Favorite by Neil Simon

Wasatch Theatre Company continues 20th Anniversary Season with the Neil Simon classic comedy, “God’s Favorite.” Performances run September 22 through October 8 in the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center Studio Theatre. Tickets to “God’s Favorite” as well as season tickets are available at This will be the fifth Simon play to be performed by Wasatch Theatre Company over the 20 years since the company was founded. “God’s Favorite” is one of Simon’s rarely done classics about a man who is visited by a messenger from God, asking him to fulfill a bet between God and the Devil. This hilarious set of misadventures will have audiences rolling with laughter.