KRCL Playlist: Find the Music You Love

Find playlist for recent shows on KRCL at The most recent show will pop right up, and you can search the archives by clicking the button that looks like a file cabinet at the top of the page. Stay tuned for some great playlist features that are right around the corner.

10 Responses to “KRCL Playlist: Find the Music You Love”

  1. Rob McMahon says:

    Just got a follow up call from I think it was Darla (volunteer board member) to say thank you for my contribution during the fund drive

    it means a lot, feel like a community sort of

    and as always….rock on


  2. Dan says:

    Three quick comments:
    Love your station/music.
    The new website doesn’t load well on Safari/Mac. Firefox is fine.
    Please drop the commercials/ads for the paranormal group. It’s hard enough to teach students about science when things like this get promoted.

    • KrclAdmin says:

      Thanks for your feedback Dan. We’re working on site optimization all the time! Also – The Beehive spots aren’t ads or commercials, they are features on organizations and groups doing interesting things in our community. KRCL is fully behind science literacy, and plenty of the spots in that series are about scientific topics – we don’t think the two are mutually exclusive.

      • ryan says:

        Soo, i hear the same song repeated on krcl during the day ( a few songs get repeated regularly) but there is no room for World Cafe? So much of the music on world cafe is on krcls regular playlist! instead of repeating the same crap give us some good programming! BOO. If you can play the same song twice in 6 hours you can have world cafe instead. thank you

  3. dth says:

    I’m loading stations onto my iTunes player and it isn’t clear how to do that on your web page, I see your player, but not a link to add to my iTunes. With KUER I just click on a link and it pops up as a “internet song” on iTunes.

    I will keep trying to get KRCL on my iTunes as I listen to you everyday at home … currently I’m trying to load you on my work computer.

    • KrclAdmin says:

      Hey there – here’s how you get us on iTunes:

      In iTunes, click on File and then click on “Open Stream…”

      Right-click to “Copy Hyperlink” and right-click to Paste either one of these URLs into the new window and click “OK” (for the higher quality stream)

      or (for the lower quality but may work better based on your internet connection.)

      Once you click “OK” the stream will connect and begin to play in iTunes. You will be able to see the stream in your Sidebar within the Playlist folder under Internet Songs in the future. They will be called krcl-high.mp3 or krcl-low.mp3 based on which link you use.

      Just double click on the name of the stream in the future and they should begin to start playing without any issues.

      • Nick says:

        Love the station. I listen to the “high” quality stream most days but would love a higher one than 128bps.

        Another great station, KEXP in Seattle streams at 1411bps and it sounds fantastic.

        I’m guessing it is a $ issue. Would 256 or 320bps be cost prohibitive? Maybe a separate underwriting or donation fund?

  4. Christian says:

    I saw someone’s bumper sticker with 90.9 on it on my way home the other day, five good songs in a row without five minutes of ads in between each? I’ll have to listen more often!

  5. KC says:

    I love KRCL. I love this blog. I love the music. THANK YOU!

  6. nicslc says:

    3:33am 5/25 lovin’ it WHAT? Digital and LL? WHAT?

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