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Students, Scholars, and Civilians come together in this online project to ‘map’ spaces of historical and cultural significance in Salt Lake City. Inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s book ‘Infinite Cities,’ professors at the University of Utah and Westminster College have collaborated to launch ‘Mapping SLC,’ a creative cartography project that asks residents to submit essays, videos, and other projects that survey the town – what it is now, and what was here before.

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  1. Indie Andromeda says:

    I heard about this project on the radio the other day. I think it’s a rad project. I am a transplant to Utah but I have lived here since I was 5 years old. My family is deeply rooted. I am a daughter of Utah Pioneers and have a rich heritage. I have a unique story with my exodus from the predominant faith. I am interested in submitting a video about the counter-culture/ artist movement/ performance and artistic diversity of Small Lake City. I am currently shooting. When is the deadline for submissions?

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