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RadioActive: Businesses with a Cause

June 7, 2015 in RadioActive by Lara Jones



In this edition of RadioActive, host Nick Burns talks with dreamers who are doing—specifically, local business owners who have turned a passion into something more than a financial return.


RA June7 - Businesses with a Cause     


Segment 1:


Guests: Filmmakers Holly Tuckett and Kendal Wilcox talk about their work documenting the landmark same-sex marriage lawsuit Kitchen v. Herbert, as well as a new website/oral history project to document the stories of Utah’s LGBTQ community. To share your story with them, visit


Segment 2:


Guests: Several social entrepreneurs talk about their businesses and what it takes to get started, especially when the bottom line helps to improve the community.


Robert Bell, co-founder and president of Sustainable Startups, which is committed to helping entrepreneurs and startups wanting make a difference in Salt Lake. From 5:30-9 p.m. Wednesday, June 10, the business incubator will host Entrepreneurship 4 All: Transforming Thinkers into Doers at Church & State, 370 S. 300 E., Salt Lake City. Want to go? Register here. For the first 5 listeners who use the promo code KRCL, your registration fee will be waived. If those are gone by the time you decide to sign up, use the promo code sustainable to save 50% off the $10 ticket price—if you promise to walk, bike or take public transit to the event.


Priyanka Bakaya, CEO and co-founder of PK Clean, a company that wants to turn landfill waste into fuel. The startup company collects low-grade plastics from municipal recyclers in Salt Lake, turning out a diesel fuel. In addition to expanding nationally, Bakaya hopes to take the technology to developing countries and help waste pickers retain a bigger share of the revenue stream from their work.


Jason Utgaard, creator of The Spotted Door, a Salt Lake City-based company that believes “everything can and should be made of recycled materials.” From reclaimed furniture to decorative accessories, jewelry to glassware, wallets and toys, every item on the website is made from at least 50-percent recycled materials.



Re Use People

July 10, 2013 in The Beehive by KrclAdmin Beehive_336x280
The Beehive - Re Use People     


For the past 20 years, the Re Use People have been the vanguard of the upcycling trend – working with builders and contractors to deconstruct rather than demolish, so that materials can find new life in other structures. Since their start, they have saved about 300,000 tons from landfills.

Tinkering Garage

July 5, 2013 in The Beehive by KrclAdmin Beehive_336x280
The Beehive - Tinkering Garage     


The Leonardo hosts an interactive, exploratory workshop space called the Tinkering Garage, which gives young visitors an opportunity to develop creative and problem solving skills through building, engineering, and tinkering. Many of the projects in the garage are furnished with materials supplied by their UpCycle re-use project.