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The R.O.I. on Discover Comics, Brandon Dayton & UMOCA

September 24, 2015 in KRCL Music Blog by Lara Jones

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Discover Comics sample panel for use in classroom.


Comic Con is on in SLC. You may spy a lot of Klingons, superheroes, and other cosplay creatures wandering the streets. But let’s go back to that first bit — comic, as in the hand-drawn medium. It’s something one SLC artist wants to see more widely used in the classroom. KRCL’s Lara Jones met up with artist Brandon Dayton at Blue Copper Coffee recently. It’s where you can find him most Tuesday evenings for something called Draw Night:


ROI - Discover Comics wtih Brandon Dayton UMOCA     


Utah Biennial @ UMOCA

April 29, 2013 in The Beehive by KrclAdmin Beehive_336x280

The Beehive - Utah Biennial     

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art Senior Curator Aaron Moulton introduces the inaugural Utah Biennial – Mondo Utah. The exhibition is an exploration of the contemporary art language unique to the state.


Mondo Utah runs through December 14.
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Neutralize Negative Feelings

April 11, 2013 in The Beehive by KrclAdmin Beehive_336x280
The Beehive - Neutralize Negative Feelings     


Ana Prvacki is a Serbian-born artist whose work focused on etiquette and social codes is featured in an exhibit currently at UMOCA. In addition to sculptures, and etiquette PSA film pieces, the display of her work includes a weekly embroidery club, where participants can engage in the tradition of sewing circle cultural politics.