Just One Question: Schmutz of Recycling

  • February 28, 2015
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Video: the sorting line for SLC recyclables. (Source: SLC Sanitation)

Recycling is one of the "shoulds” in life. We should do it because it reduces waste going into the landfill, which helps the environment. The list of stuff to recycle is a long one, some items needs special handling -- which prompted Just One Question from a listener named Joann. Do you have to wash food containers and packaging before throwing it in the recycling bin? To find an answer, KRCL's Lara Jones invited Mitch Davis from Salt Lake City Sanitation to meet her at the end of her drive to talk about the schmutz factor of recycling food containers and wrappers.

Just One Question - the Schmutz of Recycling


About that shredded paper ...


Mitch Davis of SLC Sanitation Mitch Davis of SLC Sanitation.

The carrot and the stick of recycling notes in SLC The carrot and the stick of recycling notes in SLC.