Tales from the Treehouse Mexican Radio

  • March 9, 2021
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I was walking down by the river today daydreaming and waiting on inspiration for some theme for Saturday Sage and I recalled moments where it was just me and the radio late at night with a soft touch on the dial you could explore the mysterious spectrum of radio signals from far off places like a window into a world you never knew existed and amplified by your own imagination. some night when conditions were right and a deft touch you could pull in XERF. 250,000 watts of AM Dynamite. From Coast to Coast and Border to Border, XERF- SaLallagundo, Mexico," the Big Voice bouncing off the ionosphere. I loved that Big Radio Voice. always wanted to be him but had to settle with being me. Later I heard him on my local station announcing "Daddy Don Garlett's Nitro Burning Funny Cars! Sunday! Sunday! at the Fairgrounds International Speedway! Be There!"
XERF was so weird and so good.
Wolfman Jack got started there lighting up all of Southern California! "The Wolfman Loves You Baby!"
most of the programming that I heard, just me the night sky and the radio, consisted of 15 minute segments that apparently they would sell to anybody. One guy gave piano lessons and hawked his book as the sure fire way to learn to play the piano on the first lesson! It's Easy! just send ten dollars to me and all your dreams will come true! next up-Prayer Cloths! 15 minutes of this miracle prayer cloth that Brother Elmer Gantry would pray over himself and send it to you for a modest donation to the Church of the Bleeding Heart located somewhere in the Los Angeles California! But wait! Times up! Howdy friends it's your old pal the Singing Cowboy Back in the Saddle again with harmonicas at Half Price tonight only and then Bam! My Favorite the Rear Reverand Sport Trindleberg "Have you heard the Miracle of the Hundred Foal, dear friends. Mrs. Jones from Fort Smith Arkansas heard the message of the Hundred Foal talked about in Matthew 10-11. she sent ten Dollars to Get a Life Ministries and low and behold a check for $1000 appeared in her mailbox!
Just think what a contribution of $100 will do for you! or a $1000!
every fifteen minutes. I couldn't wait to hear it again.
once in a very Blue Moon my tender fingers would be rewarded with a Gospel Show out of the South someplace like the Little Antioch Bible Baptist College in the Blue Ridge Mountains and my Soul was set on Fire like I had grabbed hold of lightning bolt comin down from on high and I was hooked. That music lit me up from the inside out like I was given the key to the Covenant of the Holy Grail and it was mine. nobody else in Sapulpa, Oklahoma had any clue about this intoxicating sound coming out of Mexico on a dark night.
later I began to notice this magic sound in songs by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood and the Rolling Stones and I knew. I was in the know. later still I met the guy with the Big Voice but I will save that for another time. listen in to Saturday Sagebrush Serenade beginning at 10 AM Mountain on KRCL.