Salt City Swing Presents Hot House West Quartet

Hot House West is an ensemble whose mission is to celebrate the timeless allure of swing rhythm. Founded in Salt Lake City in 2011, the band cultivates a one-of-a-kind personality blending the virtuosic yet soulful music of Django Reinhardt with their Western roots and American swing influence. The band has become a tight-knit community of some of the country’s top-tier jazz musicians, and the friendship and community spirit they share is immediately palpable. Group vocals, audience interaction, masterful improvisation, and a ceaseless swinging pocket keep audiences smiling, laughing, and tapping their feet from the first note to the last. Ballroom Utah Dance Studio Learning dance is as easy as 1, 2, 3… We are so happy that you decided to learn how to dance, and we can’t wait for you to join our dancing family. Whether you are 9, 90, or anywhere in between, we have a dance class for you! We are Salt Lake City’s Best Ballroom & Latin Dance School. We teach International & American Ballroom & Latin Styles of Dance. We are the only facility with a spring-floating dance floor (easy on your knees). Check Out Salt City Swing Our mission is to preserve and celebrate American Swing-era music through dance and to expose the greater community to the joys of swing through education, dance events, performances, and outreach. We aim to create and promote opportunities for spectators, listeners, dancers, and musicians to interact with this African-American art form in their day-to-day lives.