Calling all Utah poets!

RadioACTive is a supporter of the literary arts and welcomes audio recordings for broadcast consideration. We have a standing call for poems and prose about social justice, the environment, arts and culture, inclusion, historical perspectives, distractions — basically just about anything. 

Take time to understand the show and its team. Perhaps you have something that would work better on one night than another. Click here for more about the RadioACTive.

From time to time, we do issue a call on a particular subject or milestone, so follow our Facebook Page to stay in the loop.

Tips to record your own audio:

  • How to record: Use your smartphone's voice memo app or another digital recording device. Start by introducing yourself by name and a short bio. Then give us some context on the pieces before and/or after you share them. You're welcome to record each piece individually and send them in.

  • What's a voice memo? An easy way to record audio using the built-in voice memo app on your smartphone. Be sure to check the audio settings on your phone and app before recording. For the iPhone, set it to lossless. For Android phones, use the highest quality available. Either wav or mp3 files work, as long as it results in 44100 hz, 16-bit, mono or better. NOTE: Try a few practice recordings to determine the best placement of the phone's microphone in relation to your mouth -- usually a 45-degree angle and two inches away is best.

  • How to submit: Upload your audio into the cloud (Google Drive, for example), then send the download link to radioactive@krcl.org. Please include a photo of yourself and any website/social media information for you or your work.


Note: All submissions become the property of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah. Due to the amount of submissions, producers will only respond if a piece is used on air.

RadioACTive: February 26, 2021

Aldine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer, shares true tales from the agrihood with Bill McDorman of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, USU asparagus whisperer Dan Drost, Red Acre Center's Symbria Patterson. Live music folks weigh in on a return to normal. SkyWatcher Leo T. #3QuickPicks on The People's Business from League of Women Voters of Utah. Fresh, homegrown music from Crook and The Bluff.


RadioACTive: February 25, 2021

Reframing the Conversation: Black is Not a Monolith! another addition to the discussion series from the U of U, Department of Equity Diversity and Inclusion


RadioACTive: February 24, 2021

How to be Anti-racist with Dr. Bryan Hotchkins, plus a preview of his book, “My Black is Exhausted. Forever in Pursuit of a Racist-free World Where Hashtags Don’t Exist”


RadioACTive: February 23, 2021

#RoundtableTuesday explores cultural appropriation vs. appreciation with SLCC Professor James Singer and Andrei Golub of Lingua Bear. Plus, #3QuickPicks from The City Library and the League of Women Voters of Utah.