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Fri Jul 1 2016
William Austin Clay, BEACHMEN, Indigo Plateau
The Borough is excited to welcome William Austin ...
Sat Jul 2 2016
Downtown Farmer's Market
From its inception in 1992, the Downtown Farmers ...
Sun Jul 3 2016
Tue Jul 5 2016
KRCL Presents Femi Kuti & The Positive Force
Doors open at 7 PM-Opener at 8 PM-Femi ...
Fri Jul 8 2016
Sun Jul 10 2016
Singing With the Birds - Michelle Moonshine & Better Off With The Blues
Singing with the Birds, Tracy Aviary's second ...
Clear the Air Challenge 2016: Join Team KRCL

Clear the Air Challenge 2016: Join Team KRCL

RadioActive: July 1, 2016

RadioActive: July 1, 2016

Get RadioActive - Weeknights at 6 p.m.

Get RadioActive - Weeknights at 6 p.m.

RadioActive is KRCL's independent community affairs show for the local and global community builder.

Thursday, June 29: Lara Jones is joined by special community co-host Anna Brower, ACLU of Utah, to talk about social justice, community building, and using the right words at the wrong time. Guests: artist, social justice activist and trans queer advocate Ella Mendoza; Stephanie Pitcher, Utah Women's Coalition; and Matthew Weinstein, Voices for Utah's Children.

Friday, June 30: Lara Jones and Al Grossi, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer, talk gardening for birds with biologist Jim Ruff and student J.J. Horns. Plus, live music from MiNX.

Monday, July 4: A special 4th of July edition of RadioActive, featuring Dr. Carol McNamara, director of the Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service at Weber State University, and Dr. Leah Murray, WSU's Democratic Engagement Coordinator. Both women are working with college students to take their rightful place in our democracy. Tune in for details about WSU’s Rock the Vote campaign.

Tuesday, July 5: Lara Jones and Bill Frost continue their occasional series featuring Utah podcasters. This time, it’s the folks behind Consider Our Knowledge, “where the news is fake and the jokes are real.”

Wednesday, July 6: Lara Jones and Nick Burns talk about teens and internet/video game addition. Guests: Salt Lake City writer Christian McKay Heidicker, author of Cure for the Common Universe. Plus videogame designer Tim Huntsman and photographer Austin Stephenson, who was once under the sway of World of War Craft.

Thursday, July 7: Lara Jones and Billy Palmer delve into issues of the day, from social justice to arts and culture. Join the conversation by calling 1-800-359-9191 during the show, or post your comments on the KRCL RadioActive Report page on Facebook.

Friday, July 8: Lara Jones and Aldine, KRCL’s Punk Rock Farmer, talk about music, arts and urban gardening. Add your green thumb by calling 1-800-359-9191 during the show, or post your comments on the KRCL RadioActive Report page on Facebook.

If you have an idea -- guest, topic, something new -- for RadioActive, send an email to radioactive@krcl.org or post it to our new Facebook page.