KRCL is a volunteer driven organization which means we are always looking for good people like you. Our volunteers are the face of 90.9fm and we need your help representing the station in our community and also behind the scenes.   

Off–air volunteering opportunities fall into three general categories:

Outreach: Help represent KRCL throughout the community at a variety of events, including Farmer’s Markets, Twilight Concerts, Polar Jubilees and many more!

In-House: A variety of behind the scenes opportunities are available on a case by case basis.  Possibilities include front desk work, mass mailings, landscaping and helping with our social media platforms.

Radiothon: Our Spring and Fall fund drives are a great way to get involved with the station.  Phone skills, basic computer skills, and legible hand writing  are all you need to sign up and help. 

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For more information and to fill out an application, contact KRCL's Volunteer Manager, Eric Nelson, at volunteer@krcl.org, or call 801.834.6718 

On-air volunteers:

During evenings and weekends, KRCL’s airwaves are managed by community volunteers who know their stuff and who are excited and committed to share great music with the station’s audience. These slots are mostly filled, and they don’t turn over very often, but when a spot does open up – we want to fill it with the best, original content we can. Do you think you’ve got something to add to our lineup? Let us know what your show would sound like and how it could serve the community. 

Submit a show idea:

All potential On-Air volunteers must first provide some Off-Air volunteering. It should be noted that Off-Air volunteering does not guarantee you an air shift. Please email our volunteer coordinator if you are interested in volunteering.

Currently our only show openings are early morning shifts - usually 1am and 3am shifts throughout the week.

You can submit your show idea to the Program Director 
Send your show description and demo CD to:
KRCL Radio Attn: Program Director
535 West 300 North Suite A
SLC, Ut 84116