InnovateSLC: Seizing Business Opportunities in the Smart City Space

A wave of emerging smart city technologies is reshaping both education and industry. However, few small business workers can access them today. To make these technologies accessible to ALL, we designed a completely free training series for Salt Lake small businesses. Small businesses can expect to tap into our network of community institutions like universities, museums, and libraries to learn how to access cutting-edge tools to create new smart city projects and services via our four-session training series. The sessions will be offered in a hybrid model, with some meetings online and others in person. All sessions will be held at 4pm MT. Small Business Training Sessions

Understanding Smart Cities and Smart Bussines.You will get an overview of smart cities and the vast number of applications that you can use to grow your business.

Pivoting Towards the Smart City Industry, May 26, 2022 at 4pm. This Virtual event will help you figure out how to fund your pivot and share ideas on how to pitch the city on your solution and services.

Using Data to Grow or Expand Your Business, June 2, 2022 at 4pm. Virtual Did you know that the city has open data that you can use to expand? We'll go through the many uses of data and point you on where to go next to enter the smart city space.

The Future of Smart Cities on June 9, 2022. Location TBD In this final session, we explain the future of smart cities and the expected growth over the next several years. Interested? Be sure to sign up using the button below and review this blog post with more details.

Any questions can be sent to

Davis Heritage Festival

This new, exciting festival will include art, quilting, food, gardening, and other fun, educational demonstrations and activities celebrating the heritage of Davis County. There will be plenty of baby animals to see, plus horse rides, miniature train rides, kids crafts, local entertainment and shows, and, of course, delicious food from local vendors. Proceeds from the event will support 4-H programs and the USU Botanical Center.

South Salt Lake Happy Hour hosted by Grid City

Join us for our monthly happy hours and take a load off with the SSL family. We will hear from the founders of Grid City. This is a free event, but registration is required.

To register, visit:

South Salt Lake prides itself on distilleries and breweries that are an integral part of the community. Many of the establishments are home to murals created by local and international artists and fun neighborhood events. Every distillery/brewery owner has an exciting story to tell and is pushing forward positive change in the community. The Happy Hours give you an inside scoop into the fine artistry of spirits and fun insight into the growth of the city presented by the SSL Director of Neighborhoods, Sharen Hauri, and SSL Arts Director, Lesly Allen. Join us for our monthly happy hours and take a load off with the SSL family on Grid City's rooftop deck! We will hear from the founders of Grid City Beer Works. You will have an opportunity to meet the Creative Industry Zone Artist Spotlight! Dessert will be provided by Mosaic Bakery.

Hurtado w Over Under, Aubrey Auclair

Localized: Young Spit, Micon Guru, Gavanni

Homephone "Album Release", Fake Nice, Good Grim

Reggae Night

Utah Film Center: Tumbleweeds Film Festival For Kids

Utah Film Center is proud to announce the in-person return of the Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Kids at the Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center in Taylorsville from May 20th - 22nd, 2022 and online from May 20th - 29th! Tumbleweeds, the Mountain West’s only international film festival for families, presents new, culturally-enriching, curated cinema for ages 4 and up (both in-person and online). This year's Festival features the best animation and live-action film from around the world, and offers opportunities to participate in our media arts workshops and explore a variety of activities designed to balance visual content, active play, and critical thinking in our Clubhouse and Workshops. The Tumbleweeds Clubhouse exhibits are free for all attendees and feature craft and technology activities that offer an exciting and fun approach to storytelling and creativity. Regarding the Workshops, Utah Film Center is once again thrilled to bring together some of the most creative collaborators to host a wide variety of hands-on learning experiences designed to immerse audiences in a wide variety of creative mediums. Our overall theme is EXTRAORDINARY KIDS DOING EXTRAORDINARY THINGS. The films highlight themes about space exploration, life on other planets, children overcoming enormous challenges, and kids with superpowers. FESTIVAL INFORMATION: FACEBOOK EVENT: Below is a sneak peek of the films offered at the Festival! MAIKA May 20 at 7:00 pm After a meteor falls to earth, 8-year-old Hung meets an alien girl from the planet Maika, searching for her lost friend. The alien helps Hung make new friends and heal a broken heart. But danger lurks everywhere. Things could be better for 8-year-old Hung, who is grieving the loss of his mother, who died a year ago. One night, he witnesses a meteor shower and an errant falling star that lands in the nearby countryside. He investigates, but instead of finding a fallen star, he meets a new friend, and he decides to do everything he can to help her. Registration Link: NYCIFF KID FLICKS ONE 2021-2022 May 21 at 10:00 am Presented in partnership with New York International Children’s Film Festival. Share your love of cinema with your little ones with Kid Flicks, curated to charm all ages and especially introduce our youngest viewers, ages 3+, to their very first screen experiences. Little Emi in The Yogi Walrus craves ice cream and always wants more, but learning to savor is the cherry on top. Meanwhile, in Kenya’s Symphony, a stubborn 5-year-old reluctantly heads off to a performance with her mom, but when the music starts, will a passion bloom? Young Mido wants to be part of the band, but needs to adjust his wild and wooly style amidst a troupe of cool creatures in Mido and the Instrumals. Registration Link: SUPA MODO May 21 at 12:00 pm Obsessed with Jackie Chan and action films, nine-year-old Jo dreams of being a superhero, but time is not on her side. When the doctors reveal that she is terminally ill, Jo leaves the hospital and returns home to be with her mom and sister. While her mom insists that she stay inside and rest, her sister has different plans. With the entire village’s support, they decide to make dreams a reality and turn Jo into the superhero they know she is. Newcomer Stycie Waweru delivers a captivating and earnest performance, imbuing her character with a subtle strength that ignites the screen. This film is a stunning reminder of the power of imagination. Registration Link: THE STRANGEST GIRL IN THE WORLD May 21 at 2:00 pm Melién is 15 years old and has an incredible imagination. She loves to read mystery books, draw monsters and write horror stories. She is happy with her way of being, even though at school they say she is “The strangest girl in the world”. But, the problem she has is above that, apparently, her drawings are coming to life. Registration Link: ZERO GRAVITY May 21 at 6:30 pm Zero Gravity is a powerful and inspirational story about education, science, and the next generation that follows a diverse group of middle school students who compete in a nationwide competition to code satellites aboard the International Space Station. Seen through the wondrous eyes of three young innovators and their first-time coach, they each embark on an intimate and personal journey to the final frontier as their team grows from amateur coders to representing California in the ISS Finals Tournament — the culmination of a summer-long adventure that sees their incredible accomplishment performed by astronauts in orbit. Registration Link: ANIMATION CELEBRATION May 22 at 10:00 am A collection of animated short films from all ages that celebrate different animation types. Films in the program to be announced! Registration Link: JACKIE & OOPJEN May 22 at 12:00 pm 12-year-old Jackie has made the Rijksmuseum her second home, since her mother works there. While Jackie’s wandering around after hours, Oopjen Coppit (from Rembrandt’s famous painting) suddenly appears in front of her; she’s looking for her long lost sister. Jackie’s used to solving other people’s problems and decides to take her home, so they can go look for her sister. For Oopjen, a woman from the Golden Age, the 21st century is a big adventure and Jackie finally gains a real friend: a true BFF. Registration Link: NYCIFF KID FLICKS TWO 2021-2022 May 22 at 2:00 pm Presented in partnership with New York International Children’s Film Festival. With shorts for ages 8+, Kid Flicks Two audiences are ready for plenty of fun, plus deeper themes and multilingual films with English subtitles. Stop motion equals nonstop action in Wild Lea, as a feral Colombian cat goes from lonely to loved, but can she learn to settle down with her new makeshift family? And if kooky tales are what you’re craving, you’ll flip your lid over the hilariously absurd split personalities of Matilda and the Spare Head. In the doc Dear Future Me, 6th graders wrote letters to their future selves; fast-forward to 2020 when the now 12th graders re-read them with alternately surprising, bittersweet, and hilarious results. Registration Link: SPACEBOY May 22 at 4:00 pm At only 11 years, Jim is a gifted boy passionate about space and science. Arriving in a new town with his dad, Jim has to participate in a young scientist competition with his new classmate Emma, a sensitive and discreet girl. Despite her reluctance, Jim convinces her to imitate Kittinger’s ‘Excelsior’ project (first man to reach the frontier of space in 1960) and to build secretly a real air balloon. This calling comes from his father, Graham, an astrophysicist who was meant to carry out a space mission very soon. Since Jim’s mother died, this project is very important to him. But when he discovers Graham has given up without telling him, his world falls apart. The competition turns into an obsession and Jim wants to prove unlike his father that he won’t give up. Jim pushes Emma to her limits and drags her into an adventure which is going to bring them closer. Registration Link:

Living Traditions Festival

The Salt Lake City Arts Council is thrilled to present the annual Living Traditions Festival! Presenting both historical and contemporary multicultural traditions through the presentation of dance, music, craft, and culinary arts. Friday, May 20 from 5 pm - 10 pm Saturday, May 21 from 12 pm - 10 pm Sunday, May 22 from 12 pm - 7 pm At Washington and Library Square

Admission is free! More information at Full participant lineup and festival schedule coming soon!