Connor Estes, Host of The Late Night Lowdown

  • July 12, 2023
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Every Tuesday from 8:00-10:30PM, only on KRCL

Connor has been part of KRCL since his days as a student in our Loud & Clear Youth Radio program, a partnership with Spy Hop. Currently, every Tuesday from 8:00-10:30 p.m., sharing everything from New Wave to Disco, to Funk and Indie music he loves or that just plain makes him move.

"The vibe is smooth and fun and joy," Connor says of his aim with The Late Night Lowdown. "The point of my show always is to make people move and bring a little bit of joy to them."

An admitted crate digger, Connor loves finding old vinyl to share with listeners. "There's a lot of new music that I play that's influenced by old music," he added, "but it's very much modern sounding. And I think that's like a really great way of how I navigate music, is where can I still find the funkiness from the '70s-'80s, but something that is a little bit more modern as well and brings new flavor to some classic vibes."

Before joining KRCL in March 2023 as a production assistant for RadioACTive, Connor was director of core programs at Spy Hop, teaching young people the ins and outs of audio storytelling. He now brings those talents to RadioACTive, including a new series on water. 

Connor also is a musician, having played in several bands in the past. But outside of his radio show, you can catch him spinning tunes every other Wednesday night at Bar X in SLC.

Connor's Meet the DJ Playlist:

  1. "Let Me Love You," Clausel
  2. "Love Come Down," Social Lovers
  3. "So Inspired," Amuzement Park
  4. "Beat Tape II," Benny Sings
  5. "There But for The Grace of God Go I," Machine

Here are all the ways you can listen live to Connor and The Late Night Lowdown:

  • On-air: KRCL 90.9fm in SLC, UT

  • Streaming:

  • Free mobile app: KRCL Public Radio App, wherever you get your apps

  • KRCL On-Demand: for the last 2 weeks of any show

Originally aired April 3, 2023, on KRCL's RadioACTive program