RadioACTive 01.02.24

  • January 2, 2024
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Psychedelics in the Beehive is getting ready to welcome Paul Stamets, the granddaddy of mycology, to the Beehive State. RadioACTive finds out why an amphitheater in his honor is being built here and more from organizers Sara and Steve Urquhart and Doris Lee, CEO of Entheos.

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Mr. Gavin Dahl on the launch of Bubbling Up and other schedule changes at KRCL. Check out all the different ways to listen to your favorite shows:

Psychedelics in the Beehive is getting ready to welcome Paul Stamets, the granddaddy of mycology, to the Beehive State on January 19. RadioACTive gets a preview with Sara and Steve Urquhart of The Divine Assembly and Doris Lee of Entheos.

  • Jan. 19: ,  4:00-10:00 p.m. at The Grand America Hotel, 505 S. Main St., SLC. Event by The Utah Bee and The Divine Assembly: "Psychedelics in the Beehive is a one-day event, bringing together Utah’s psychedelic community for discussion and connection. Join us for a keynote address from Paul Stammets, expert panels, an expo space, and breaks designed to help you make valuable connections. Psychedelics in the Beehive works to welcome experts, leaders, business owners, and total newbies, to collaborate and learn about best practices in the spaces around plant medicine." For lineup and tickets, click here

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