RadioACTive: January 31, 2019

  • January 31, 2019
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March For Our Lives Utah on gun reform legislation, Sneaking Into Movies with a #Sundance2019 update, League of Women Voters of Utah and Alliance for a Better Utah on Day 4 of the Utah Legislature

Tonight’s lineup:

Day 4 of the Utah Legislature, featuring Emily Walsh of the League of Women Voters of Utah and Chase Thomas of Alliance for a Better Utah. Recap from the League and Better Utah:

Sundance update with Davey and Cody D of Sneaking Into Movies. Tune in Friday night at 7:00 p.m. as KRCL wraps its coverage of #Sundance2019 with a one-hour special.

Student activist Allegra Erznoznik of March For Our Lives Utah reported on gun legislation making the rounds on Utah’s Capitol Hill. Recap from MFOLUtah:

  • HB 17: Firearm Violence and Suicide Prevention Amendments (Rep. Eliason -- R). Reenacts and modifies previously sunsetted provisions relating to a voluntary firearm safety program and suicide prevention education course -- essentially, requires the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health alongside the Bureau of Criminal Identification to implement and manage these programs.
  • HB 36: BCI Reporting Amendments (Rep. Ward -- R). Enhances reporting between courts, national bodies, and the criminal background check system as it applies to individuals mentally unfit to purchase firearms.
  • HB 87: Safe Gun Storage (Rep. Weight -- D). Makes it a criminal offense to knowingly store firearms where they can be accessed by a minor or a person legally restricted from possessing firearms.
  • HB 190: Liability of Firearm Custodian, aka “Lauren’s Law” (Rep. Stoddard -- D). Establishes guidelines for civil liability when a felony crime is committed with a firearm that does not belong to the individual committing the crime.
  • HB 209: Extreme Risk Protective Order (Rep. Handy -- R). Creates Extreme Risk Protective Order Act, which would allow a family member or law enforcement to ask a court to restrain a person from possessing any firearms or ammunition for a specified length of time -- for example, for individuals who have made violent threats, behaved violently, attempted or threatened self-harm, or violated a recent protective order. Would have the most impact on suicide prevention and domestic violence prevention.
  • HB 217: Open Carry Near Schools (Rep. Briscoe -- D). Prohibits carrying a dangerous weapon within 500 feet of an elementary or secondary school.



  • Bump Stock Ban (Rep. Arent -- D)
  • Universal Background Checks (Rep. King -- D)


  • HB 114: Stand Your Ground (Maloy -- R). Under guise of “self-defense,” makes it legal to react to a perceived aggressor violently rather than retreating, even if there is a safe place to retreat. Bills like these have been used nationwide to justify homicides of predominantly black men.

THE GIST: There are several good gun bills up in the legislature this year from both sides of the aisle. Today there was a committee hearing on Republican Representative Ray Ward’s bill to enhance reporting between courts, national bodies, and the criminal background check system as it applies to individuals mentally unfit to purchase firearms. Hearings are expected soon for the other bills, and folks should use the Utah legislature’s website tracking system to keep updated. They can also follow organizations like MFOL, Gun Violence Prevention Center, and Alliance for a Better Utah. The goal for these bills is to enact common-sense gun reform in a way that does not infringe on anyone’s constitutional rights, and there is a clear bipartisan effort that should resonate with everyone in Utah who cares about public safety.

  • March 9: March For Our Lives Utah Gala for Gun Reform. Click here for tickets, which are $25 each. Celebrate the group’s accomplishments in 2018 and help further their goals for the 2019 legislative session by attending and donating.

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