RadioActive: March 30, 2018

  • March 30, 2018
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Live Music with Trevor Green, March Update, Music Meets Activism with Gigi Love, MusicGarage Scholarship Program, China's Space Station Crashes to Earth, Urban Farm Report with Farmer Luke


  • Live music from Trevor Green. Want to see him live? He's got the following dates in Utah:

  • Jaden Priest of the Northern Utah Student Coalition, which will hold its March for Student Lives at 12 p.m. tomorrow — Saturday, March 31 — at Ogden Municipal Gardens, 25th Street & Washington Blvd., Ogden. CLICK HERE for the rally/march route.

  • Music Meets Activism with Utah's own Gigi Love — who spent two years traveling to and writing songs about National Parks as the Trails and Rails Troubadour on Amtrak — weighed in on protecting public lands. 

  • Steve Auerbach of and Derek Dyer of the Utah Arts Alliance on MusicGarage's youth scholarship program. Plus, live music from Jane Lyon and Madz Smith.

  • Patrick Wiggins, NASA Solar System Ambassador, on China's space station that is set to fall to Earth in the next week. CLICK here to check out the chart he published for best viewing times in Utah.

  • Urban Farm Report with Farmer Luke Petersen

RadioActive is a production of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah. Tonight's team included:

  • Host/Executive Producer: Lara Jones
  • Community Co-Host: Aldine Strychnine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer
  • Associate Producer: Billy Palmer
  • Volunteer: Sarah Thacker
  • Audio Engineer: Sullivan Phetchanpheng, Lights & Sound Studio