Sen. Mitch McConnell gives up leadership position.

  • February 28, 2024
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How will this breaking news change the U.S. Senate? RadioACTive talks with Pulitzer-nominated author Ira Shapiro. Plus, Press Freedom Foundation on federal prosecution of Florida journalist, SLTrib on Utah playwright with 3 plays on the boards, and local Disney On Ice skater. 

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BREAKING: GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell today announced he's stepping down from leadership. RadioACTive talks with author Ira Shapiro, whose 45-year career has focused on American politics and international trade. Shapiro served 12 years in senior staff positions in the U.S. Senate, working for Jacob Javits, Gaylord Nelson, Abraham Ribicoff, Thomas Eagleton, Robert Byrd, and Jay Rockefeller. He served in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative during the Clinton administration, first as general counsel and then chief negotiator with Japan and Canada, with the rank of ambassador.

  • Rowman & Littlefield: "With his newly updated book, The Betrayal: How Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans Abandoned America (Rowman & Littlefield; May 14, 2024)Pulitzer-nominated author Ira Shapiro completes what Brooking scholar William A Galston calls 'an epic trilogy' charting the Senate’s rise and downward spiral. He is laser-focused on McConnell and his enablers for their catastrophic failure to perform their fundamental responsibility of checking a president who was assaulting our democracy."

Palak Jayswal, culture and music reporter for The Salt Lake Tribune, on three plays to catch by local playwright Melissa Leilani Larson.

  • March 1–9: Gin Mummy @ Bastian Theatre, Utah Valley University. "A drawing room comedy in which a young Victorian aristocrat comes to terms with what she wants and what her family expects on the night of her engagement party. Also, there is a mummy." For tickets, click here.

  • April 11–28: Bitter Lemon, presented by Plan-B Theatre @ Studio Theatre, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, 138 W. Broadway, SLC. "Finlay Macbeth has done Lady Helen Macduff a terrible wrong. Now they are trapped, alone together, in a purgatorial waiting room. What if the only escape is forgiving the unforgivable? This riff on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is a life-after-death journey through the strange, the empty, and everything in-between." For tickets, click here

  • May 16–June 8: Pride and Prejudice, "Full of distinct characters, sparkling wit and timeless romance that has never gone out of print, Jane Austen's classic comes alive on stage in this crisp adaptation. Almost from their first meeting, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself at odds with the reticent Mr. Darcy. She finds him cold and arrogant while he disapproves of her family and social standing. Despite his pride and her prejudice--or is it her pride, and his prejudice?--Elizabeth and Darcy can't seem to avoid each other's company. Brought together by a series of events beyond their control, both must reconsider their first impressions." For tickets, click here.

Utah-based ice skater Allison Merges shares her pathway to Disney On Ice, where she skates the role of Elsa. For tickets to Disney On Ice presents Frozen & Encanto, Feb. 29–March 3 at Delta Center, click here

Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) Advocacy Director Seth Stern on the disturbing indictment against well-known journalist Tim Burke.  Stern says the indictment—under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for Burke's online newsgathering—raises serious First Amendment concerns and stems, in part, from the Florida-based independent journalist's dissemination of outtakes from a 2022 Tucker Carlson interview with Ye, formerly Kanye West, where Ye made antisemitic remarks that Fox News chose not to air. 

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