Events for Activist Groups

Disturbing the Peace movie

In a world torn by conflict—in a place where the idea of peace has been abandoned—an energy of determined optimism emerges. When someone is willing to disturb the status quo and stand for the dream of a free and secure world, who will stand with them? DISTURBING THE PEACE is about people born into conflict, sworn to be enemies, who challenged their fate. The film follows everyday people who took extraordinary actions by standing for what they believe in, just like those who came before them – Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and many others whose names we don’t know. The movie challenges all of us – to understand the narratives we live within, to look at our current roles in our societies, and to decide what role we are going to play in creating a more humane world, for all. And it starts with our willingness to disturb the peace. DISTURBING THE PEACE is a story of the human potential unleashed when we stop participating in a story that no longer serves us and, with the power of our convictions, take action to create new possibilities. DISTURBING THE PEACE follows former enemy combatants – Israeli soldiers from elite units and Palestinian fighters, many of whom served years in prison – who have joined together to challenge the status quo and say “enough.” The film reveals their transformational journeys from soldiers committed to armed battle to nonviolent peace activists, leading to the creation of Combatants for Peace. At a time in our world when societies are becoming more polarized and painfully few people are speaking of nonviolent solutions to our conflicts, popular movements like Combatants for Peace have the potential to capture the public’s imagination and shift the conversation from the inevitability of conflict, to the possibility and process of establishing lasting peace. DISTURBING THE PEACE evokes universal themes relevant to us all and inspires us to become active participants in the creation of our world. See also

The Voiceless Screening

Join the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault and our community partners for a screening of the internationally recognized documentary, The Voiceless, features the stories of five male survivors of sexual violence. This powerful straight to camera film discusses culture, masculinity, and other important concepts. The film was produced by Vanessa McNeal and PLVTO Pros of Des Moines. Join us for this inspiring screening and panel event to learn more about the unique needs and experiences that men face as sexual violence survivors. Men are often the invisible victims of sexual violence this event will showcase and raise awareness of the often unspoken experiences of men who have experienced sexual violence.

29th Annual YWCA LeaderLuncheon

LeaderLuncheon is YWCA Utah’s signature annual event. This year, YWCA Utah will honor up to five remarkable women with Outstanding Achievement Awards, and we are pleased to present Soledad O'Brien as keynote speaker. All proceeds from LeaderLuncheon support YWCA Utah’s programs and services to advance the well-being of Utah women and their families.

The Wanted 18 movie

Through a clever mix of stop motion animation and interviews, THE WANTED 18 recreates an astonishing true story: the Israeli army's pursuit of 18 cows, whose independent milk production on a Palestinian collective farm was declared "a threat to the national security of the state of Israel." In response to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, a group of people from the town of Beit Sahour decide to buy 18 cows and produce their own milk as a co-operative. Their venture is so successful that the collective farm becomes a landmark, and the cows local celebrities- until the Israeli army takes note.

RDT Presents Sacred Lands Sacred Waters: A Bears Ears Discussion Panel

The free, public event, funded in part by Utah Humanities, will focus on the sacred nature of the Bears Ears National Monument, not only sacred to sovereign nations, but to white settlers, recreationists and environmentalists. The discussion will use as a departure point the notion that this land speaks to all of us about the spiritual and mythological connections we have to each other and to the earth, not only in Utah but across the nation. Panelists include: Willie Grayeyes (Diné) Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk (Ute Mt. Ute) Mary Benally (Diné) Ann Hannibal, Natural History Museum Sara Dant, Historian, Weber State University Moderator: Daniel McCool, University of Utah The event is free and open to the public, but please RSVP at

Festival of Light! Cambodia Job Foundation Gala

The Festival of Light! Gala-- benefiting Cambodia Job Foundation ( will be held on Friday, October 13, 2017 at the Show Barn at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. The Festival of Light! will include dinner, entertainment by the Brigham Young University International Folk Dance Ensemble, and silent and live auctions. Purchase tickets here: