Events for Activist Groups

Community Coat Exchange

Need a coat? Come get one. Have a coat? We know someone who can use it. The Annual Community Coat Exchange, a program of Blue Sky Institute, is in its 12th year of brining warmth to our community. Bring donations to any of the drop off centers listed on the website before Thanksgiving or to the event itself. At the event, no questions are asked: If you need a coat, come get one. If you want to exchange a coat, bring the coat you want to donate and take one in exchange. If you have a donation of coats, we know people who can use them. Left over coats are donated to the Crossroads Urban Center Thrift Store, a project of the Crossroads Urban Center which advocates for low income and homeless people.

TransGiving 2017 Extravaganza

Support our vastly growing local trans community by being informed and entertained. This event gives a place for all transgender and queer-identified people to come together in a day of giving thanks by way of food and entertainment. There will be bands, drag performers, poets, musicians and artists all from our trans and trans-supportive communities. We've come to unite. Bring your families, friends and most of all, your fellow trans friends. We're looking to have a blast!