RadioActive: 1/27/16

  • January 27, 2016
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A show about sex and sex ed. Can Utah handle the truth?

First, the RadioActive Report covered activity up at the Legislature, including a 3-part sex ed bill. Guests: Lola Britton, League of Women Voters of Utah, and Chase Thomas, Alliance for a Better Utah:

My First Time is a play that features four actors in hysterical and heartbreaking stories about first sexual experiences written by real people. RadioActive Community Co-Host Nick Burns and Lara Jones talk with Amy Allred, the producer/director of the production that runs Feb. 4-14 at Mod a-go-go, as well as cast members Alyssa Franks and Austin Stephenson:

Photo (l-r): Nick Burns, Lynn Beltran, Giuliana Serena, Paco Rendon.

Did you ever have "the talk" with your parents? Do your parents need "the talk"? Nick and Lara talk sex ed with Planned Parenthood community educator Paco Rendon and menstrual cycle educator Giuliana Serena:

Plus, the dirty details that show sex ed isn't getting the job done in Utah. Nick and Lara talk with Lynn Beltran, STD epidemiologist and prevention program manager, SL County Health Department:

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