RadioACTive: February 13, 2019

  • February 13, 2019
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An Evening with Two Awful Men, Legislative Updates, Emery County Land Bill

Tonight’s lineup:

What do you call a dark comedy about race, privilege, sexuality, shame and legacy? An Evening with Two Awful Men, a new play by Elaine Jarvik, will have its world premiere February 21 through March 3 at Rose Wagner.

  • RadioACTive got a visit from Jarvik, who says of her new play that it’s “an alternative reality in which James Buchanan, John Wilkes Booth and Harriet Tubman appear in a one-night-only performance to tell the not-yet-dead what it’s like when your name lives on forever, and your legacy might not be what you want it to be.”

  • The entire run of AN EVENING WITH TWO AWFUL MEN is sold out. But you can still see the show! Check out for waitlist information or click here to attend the preview benefitting the Utah Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, February 20 at 7pm.

Plus, updates from The People’s House as lawmakers finish Day 17 of the Utah Legislature’s General Session. Featuring:

Dave Pacheco, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, provided an update on the Emery County Public Land Management Act, which passed the Senate earlier this week.


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