Saturday Sagebrush Serenade

Saturdays from 10 AM – 1 PM

Saturday Sagebrush Serenade has aired on KRCL since its inception in 1979. Take a ride down the old sagebrush trail as Host John Florence takes you on a ride in his musical buckboard. You'll hear rare and classic cuts from the Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen and Joni Mitchell. Visit the John Prine Corner at 10am, Mediate for world peace at noon followed Hot Tuna for lunch. It's classic rock and roll at its best with stories that can only be told by John.

with host
John Florence
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I Got a Line on You Preview

Spirit | I Got a Line on You

Rock Gems

Mar 18 | 12:57 PM

Reaffirmation Preview

Help Yourself | Reaffirmation

Beware the Shadow

Mar 18 | 12:45 PM

Baby's House

Steve Miller Band | Baby's House

Your Saving Grace

Mar 18 | 12:35 PM

Inca Roads

Frank Zappa | Inca Roads

One Size Fits All

Mar 18 | 12:26 PM


Supertramp | School

Retrospectacle - The Supertramp Anthology

Mar 18 | 12:21 PM


Widespread Panic | Second Skin

Earth to America

Mar 18 | 12:09 PM

Eat Starch Mom Preview

Jefferson Airplane | Eat Starch Mom

Long John Silver

Mar 18 | 12:05 PM

Presbyterian Guitar Preview

John Hartford | Presbyterian Guitar


Mar 18 | 11:58 AM

The French Inhaler (Live Version) Preview

Warren Zevon | The French Inhaler (Live Version)

The French Inhaler (Live Version)

Mar 18 | 11:53 AM

Starship Trooper: a. Life Seeker, b. Disillusion, c. Würm (Live) Preview

Yes | Starship Trooper: a. Life Seeker, b. Disillusion, c. Würm (Live)

Starship Trooper: a. Life Seeker, b. Disillusion, c. Würm (Live)

Mar 18 | 11:41 AM

Traffic | Walking In The Wind

Smiling Phases

Mar 18 | 11:33 AM

America Preview

KBC Band | America

KBC Band

Mar 18 | 11:24 AM

Meeting Across The River Preview

Bruce Springsteen | Meeting Across The River


Mar 18 | 11:11 AM


Grateful Dead | I Know You Rider

Europe '72 [live]

Mar 18 | 11:06 AM

China Cat Sunflower (Live in Paris 1972 Version) Preview

Grateful Dead | China Cat Sunflower (Live in Paris 1972 Version)

China Cat Sunflower (Live in Paris 1972 Version)

Mar 18 | 11:00 AM

High Time We Went

Joe Cocker | High Time We Went

The Essential Collection

Mar 18 | 10:55 AM

Accidents Will Happen Preview

Elvis Costello & The Attractions | Accidents Will Happen

Live At Hollywood High

Mar 18 | 10:52 AM

Canola Fields Preview

James McMurtry | Canola Fields

The Horses and the Hounds

Mar 18 | 10:52 AM

Ft. Walton Wake-Up Call Preview

James McMurtry | Ft. Walton Wake-Up Call

The Horses and the Hounds

Mar 18 | 10:47 AM

All Over But The Crying Preview

Georgia Satellites | All Over But The Crying

All Over But The Crying

Mar 18 | 10:41 AM

The South's Gonna Do It Again (Album Version) Preview

Charlie Daniels | The South's Gonna Do It Again (Album Version)

16 Biggest Hits

Mar 18 | 10:37 AM

Get Out Of Bed

Livingston Taylor | Get Out Of Bed


Mar 18 | 10:31 AM

Travelling Man

David Bromberg | Travelling Man

Reckless Abandon, Bandit In A Bathing Suit

Mar 18 | 10:23 AM

Copperhead Road

Steve Earle | Copperhead Road

Copperhead Road

Mar 18 | 10:19 AM


Mojo Nixon | Elvis Is Everywhere

Unlimited Everything

Mar 18 | 10:14 AM

Paradise Preview

Sturgill Simpson | Paradise


Mar 18 | 10:11 AM

Bonnie Raitt | Just Like That

Just Like That

Mar 18 | 10:05 AM

Cruise Control Preview

The Dregs | Cruise Control

Unsung Heroes

Mar 18 | 10:01 AM

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