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RadioACTive 07.19.23

With Chris Nolan's Oppenheimer bowing this weekend, RadioACTive explores the past and present of nuclear weapons in Utah. Downwinder and playwright Mary Dickson, Inkstick reporter Taylor Barnes, Scoville Peace Fellow Barb Guy reflect on how far we've come and yet how much more there is to do. Plus, Dispatches from Moscow #2.


RadioACTive 07.18.23

Folks from Latino Conservation Week are on to talk about the many events happening in celebration. Also Craft Lake City is back for another Meet You Maker Segment and a roundtable about Men's Mental Health.


RadioACTive 07.17.23

How hot is it? Citizen scientists report on a weekend spent mapping Salt Lake's urban heat islands. KZMU with a read of the temp in Moab. PPAU's Community Care Block Party. The debut of Dispatches from Moscow.


RadioACTive 07.14.23

Al's good in the agrihood on tonight's Punk Rock Farmer Friday edition of RadioACTive. Tune in for visits with Blue Spring Farm and Rino's Italian Fresh, Recycle Utah's 100 Mile Meal, UDAF's 2023 Soil Health Equipment Grant, Skywatcher Leo T, and homegrown music from Bomba Marile and visiting musicians from Puerto Rico!