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Hear stories and interviews about the people and issues that shape Utah. 

Lowrider culture, Black churches in Utah, inclusive outdoors -- Roots Race and Culture launches Season 4

PBS Utah show hosts Lonzo Liggins and Danor Gerald join RadioACTive for an honest conversation about identity and culture, from the perspective of Utah’s Black and POC communities. Plus, local rally voices, UAF Legacy Health, and Tumbleweeds 2024.


RadioACTive Celebrates John Florence's 50 Years in Radio

In a special edition of Meet the DJ tonight, RadioACTive's Lara Jones talks with John Florence about the events that have shaped his DJ style, the origin of 'Yeah Man,' and the holy code of BSWZ. Plus, League of Women Voters with an update on #ThePeoplesBusiness, and World Cancer Day.


Punk Rock Farmer talks soil health and SmallAg bills in Utah Legislature

Plus, Dino Fest, a food rescure, Skywatcher Leo T, and homegrown music from Staycation -- a SLC band dropping a new album today!


Cultural Norms and Beauty Standards in the Pasifika Community with Diamond Langi, Miss Universe 2019 Actress and Singer

Tune in and dive deep into Utah's Pasifika culture as RadioACTive Talanoa Way with Stephanie Mahina will examine cultural norms and beauty standards in the Pasifika community with Diamond Langi, former Miss Universe 2019 Actress and Singer. Plus, a special interview with community leader and cultural curator, Haviar Hafoka, of local Polynesian music and dance school.