Community Affairs

Hear stories and interviews about the people and issues that shape Utah. 

RadioACTive 08.22.23

RadioACTive Minds the Gap Fest, celebrates Historic Trinity A.M.E, dips into Spice on 9th, and discusses cannabis regulation in Utah.


RadioACTive 08.21.23

Where's your water coming from? RadioACTive explores Water Week with SLC Public Utilities. Plus, Labor Day history, honoring communities affected by nuclear fallout, and Loud and Clear Youth Radio, and live music from Susan Bush and Grid City Music Fest.


RadioACTive 08.18.23

Punk Rock Farmer Friday, with more true tales of the agrihood from Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Gardens and Greenhouse, the Biodynamic Cowboy, and Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers. Plus, fresh and homegrown music from Endless Struggle and the folks at Grid City Music Fest.


RadioACTive 08.17.23

RadioACTive, the Talanoa way, with Stephanie Mahina talking story with the OCA Asian Pacific Islander American Advocates UTAH. Plus, Professor Dr. Tevita O. Ka'ili on his research and knowledge of Deep Ancient Tongan History.