Events for LGBTQ+

Gearn - Storytelling

Find the unexpected blessings found in the darkest of clouds. Listen closely as storytellers spin their yarns of resilience, hope, and redemption, revealing how even the gloomiest of situations can unveil gleaming silver linings. Our theme for the evening is “Silver Linings”. From tales of overcoming adversity to moments of serendipitous joy, each narrative carries the promise of finding beauty in life's most challenging chapters. So, settle in and let the magic of storytelling transport you to a world where every cloud has a silver lining waiting to be discovered. Grab tickets Here - Follow us on all socials @gearnstorytelling

8th Annual Utah Blues Fest - Day 2

The Utah Blues Society presents Day 2 of its biggest fundraiser of the year, the 8th Annual Utah Blues Fest. Featured national performers kick off at noon with DENNIS JONES, the CASH BOX KINGS, D.K. HARRELL, SUE FOLEY and ending with SOUTHERN AVENUE. After the Fest, at 10 pm, bay area's Mitch Woods brings his world renowned "Club 88" to the host hotel's piano bar (the Marriott) where the musicians will sit in for late night jamming. There will also be free workshops – Tony Holiday’s Harmonica Workshop and Sue Foley’s nationally respected “One Guitar Woman”!


KW Presents: Pride Music Party with Sister Wives, Ginger and the Gents and Debi Graham Band $30 per person or $150 VIP All proceeds benefit Encircle Bring your own chairs, food & drink Rideshare is strongly encouraged

An Evening with Marisa Anderson

Tickets : Join us for an evening w/ Marisa Anderson, "one of the best emotional mediums in the field of solo guitar, Anderson is a master of lovely melancholy." Having recently been through Salt Lake City opening for Emmylou Harris at Red Butte Gardens, Marisa is a worthy songwriter and performer unto herself. Songs that find their way into your being and score the ebbing and flowing moments in our lives. Marisa has her music both steeped in history and pointed towards the future. It will be a very special evening guarantee to help mend our hearts a little, every heart needs a little mending.

SLAM Music Festival

The SLAM Music Festival is now accepting young Utah music artists under 21 performance applications for all genres now through July 15, 2024. Winners announced on August 15 for the September 7, 2024 festival in downtown Salt Lake City.