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Fundraiser Show For Ben Hodges Carl Carbonell & The Salty Dogs, Season Of The Witch

loveDANCEmore Sunday Series #4

SUNDAY SERIES is the reincarnation of Mudson, loveDANCEmore’s work-in-progress platform that ran for ten seasons from 2010 through 2019, and morphed into an online event called Only the Lonely last spring. Taking place across four Sundays this fall, SUNDAY SERIES continues that legacy, as well as addressing the dirth of cultural activities available to the Utah public on Sundays. This season is curated by loveDANCEmore staff in collaboration with two esteemed guest curators, Jorge Rojas and Jordan Simmons. Jordan's evening is October 24. Jordan is a multitude of intersections that can be somewhat described as the fluctuating flow of love, evolution and acceptance. A Trans GenderQueer Black Being, Artist, Curator, Birth-worker, Sibling, and Gender expressive sun, they are continually expanding and evolving into loving versions of themself, to show up in the most meaningful and present way in all of their work and life passions.