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Winter Market

The Downtown Farmers Market presents the Winter Market between November 10th to April 20th to offer Utah residents more year-round opportunities to access fresh local goods from local purveyors. 

Hosted in the historic Rio Grande Depot, this market allows growers to extend the season, and features fresh vegetables from late season harvests and area greenhouses. Like the summer markets, it also offers the best of the region's grass-fed meats, dairy, honey, eggs, baked goods, and seasonal offerings for the holidays.

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Chelsea L. Tolman Reads and Signs Speaking of the Dead

Join author Chelsea Tolman on Saturday, February 23, at 7 PM, for a reading and signing of Speaking of the Dead. In most Western and Westernized cultures, the reality of death is a subject that we avoid because it makes us uncomfortable. Even participants in religions that celebrate death as a release to a paradisiacal realm will avoid talking about or facing the death experience, unless it’s through the lens of their religious beliefs. The rest of us tap dance around the subject, enjoying death-related fiction involving vampires, zombies, and serial killers, while we recoil in mind-numbing horror at the thought of being in the same room with a corpse. Chelsea Tolman is a funeral director, mortician, and embalmer with over 15 years experience. In her book, “Speaking of the Dead”, she attempts to provide the balm that allows us to engage in the real world of death’s circumstances and give us a peek behind the curtain at what it’s like to be a professional in the death industry.This book is a collection of Chelsea’s recounted stories that illustrate the unique perspective of being a professional in the death industry. She covers a wide range of emotions and circumstances from light hilarity to deep sadness and grief. She does well in not taking herself too seriously and is quick to share stories where she laughs about her own foibles and mistakes. Chelsea also takes the time to celebrate the diversity of cultures, describing in intimate detail the way some religions and nationalities treat their dead. All get equal respect, including the careful corpse wrappings of the Bha’i, the pronated wailing women of the Far East, the colorful dancers of Africa, suicides, and drug overdoses. She expertly weaves these stories of culture in with the experience of grief and loss to reveal how we all share the basic human essence of missing our dead.Finally, “Speaking of the Dead” serves as Chelsea’s heartfelt attempt to show to the world that the experience of caring for one’s dead is one that should be embraced and cherished, rather than avoided and feared as it largely is at present. She details the loving care she gives to the bodies and how she encourages the loved ones to participate and catalyze their own progress at closure. The tenderness she shows in wrapping infants in blankets, smoothing an old man’s hair, or applying a young woman’s make-up invites you to step over the gap from macabre avoidance to emotional acceptance and understand that death is simply another part of the human experience that we should all embrace.

Chelsea L. Tolman grew up in Sandy, Utah. During middle school her family moved to Las Vegas where she found a career in a junk yard managing inventory control. After experiencing second hand the effect a funeral director had on grieving families, she decided to pursue a career in funeral service. She moved to Georgia where she attended Gupton-Jones College of Mortuary Science and graduated in 2005. She worked for two firms in Georgia, managed a firm in North Carolina and has since moved back to Utah and worked for a local firm in Salt Lake City. She now contracts as a community relations consultant with a local mortuary. The reading will be followed by a signing.

2019 Fly Fishing Film Tour

Token: Between Somewhere Tour with Kur, GFI

Ben Goldberg, known by his stage name Token, grew up north of Boston, MA. At a young age Ben was introduced to hip-hop and by the age of 6, began writing down his thoughts and emotions from events in his life and expressing himself through poetry. At the age of 10, Ben began putting melody to these lyrics and recording these poems as raps. What had started out as an outlet of expression soon became his passion. Rather than hanging out with friends as most kids his age were doing, Ben stayed at home continuously perfecting his craft and developing his artistry under his now known stage name "Token".

Les Femmes (Night #3)

An Acoustic Evening with Shawn Colvin

Shawn Colvin returns to the Egyptian Theatre February 21st-24th. She has been a mainstay of the contemporary folk music scene since her first Grammy in 1989, releasing twelve superlative albums and establishing herself as one of America’s greatest live performers. The Grammy Award winning Singer/Songwriter brings her singular voice and mesmerizing guitar playing back to our intimate stage in for another solo acoustic show this February. 

Reduced priced tickets Thursday & Friday. Showtimes: 8pm Thurs-Sat. 6pm Sunday. Tickets: Thursday: $39 House / $49 Preferred Front of House / $60 Cabaret Seating Friday: $43 House / $53 Preferred Front of House / $65 Cabaret Saturday & Sunday: $49 House / $59 Front of House / $70 Cabaret Tickets increase by $5 half hour before showtime. No taxes or service fees, All Sales are Final. No Refunds. Call the box office for exchange policy. Reserve tickets at or 435-649-9371

Boys ranch

Buffalo vs Train

2000s Dance Party with Flash & Flare

2000s Dance Party

Although some of us don't want to admit that the 2000s started almost 20 years ago, there's no denying that things are a little different now than they were in the oughts-- hip-hop and R&B were dominating, the pop-punk emo explosion, Coldplay, super weird electronic crossovers, rap metal, Nickelback, SMASH MOUTH..... What a time to be alive.

This February: it's time to get the fedoras out, collars up, jeans faded, gloves fingerless, wristbands to the elbows, and Razr's bedazzled because it's the 2000s Dance Party with your #1 friend on your MySpace Top 8: DJ Flash & Flare.

It's gonna be pimp.